Friday, June 23, 2017

National Pink Day!!

A whole day about the fabulous color pink!!?
That's the "pink of perfection."

Pink has been big in this house for 26 years!!
(It was big for me before that, especially during my years at UGA -
 back in my day pink IZODs ruled!)
But pink became huuuuge when Mollie arrived!
Our neighbor called her "the pink of perfection!"
He had 2 boys!

Lilly Pulitzer at home in Palm Beach
You can't talk about pink without thinking about  the iconic Lilly Pulitzer.
Plenty of Lilly in Mollie's closet.

We love blue and white - that's for sure 
but this pink transferware is a fun tabletop addition 
and perfect for the "pink and red" holidays!!

I went with pink accents in my last One Room Challenge!

I painted a Pagoda Pillow and hand stamped some IKEA curtains 
to mimic the fabrics I love at Les Indiennes.
I used Ruby Shade - a gorgeous pink from Sherwin Williams!

Couldn't resist the $5 outdoor fabric Flamingo pillow for my porch.
Flamingos because.. you know, pink.

I love all the pink Audubon birds. 

I love the pink inside of a seashell.
I carried large conch shells home from the Bahamas. 
I've been a shell collector my whole life.
I can't resist them.

I use pink at Christmas, too.

And pink is my first choice for Poinsettias! 

So think pink!!
Image result for sherwin williams pink paint colors 

Friday, June 16, 2017

I Love a Good Garden Center.

I love a good garden center.
To me that means it is charming and has paths, looks landscaped not like plants for sale on a bunch of big box store shelves and they don't care if I wander. 
I like atmosphere and ideas I can use.
You just know it when you come around the corner and spot one of these special places.

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting my parents 
and my mom directed me to the cutest garden center ever, Liberty Landscapes.

If you are anywhere near Bedford VA it is worth the trip. 
(The D-Day Memorial is in Bedford and it's amazing. 
Make the trip and see it, then go buy a plant. Or two.)

(See - not your average garden center!! It's gorgeous! #backyardgoals)

This place is like wandering around a really pretty backyard on a garden tour. 
Except it's big and fabulous.
It is housed in an old coal and ice warehouse and railroad yard 
right along the railroad tracks.

 I could just move in.

(original, real deal sliding doors!)

It's good from the old rusty truck out front that announces they are open 

(don't you want to find an old, rusty truck now?)

all the way through to their social media presence
They post a plant of the day every day on IG with an informative blurb.  

Gardening eye candy and you learn something too.

They are so nice.(Ask for Ashby - he's awesome!!)
 And obviously talented so be sure to go.
I tried to convince them to serve refreshments to me in the garden.

I wanted all.the.plants.
I did buy a plant even though I was traveling.
The displays are irresistible!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pagoda Pillow

I love a good Pagoda Pillow.

I found this one by Society Social when working on my last One Room Challenge.
It  is perfection.
I love it.

Chinoiserie Chic Hot Pink
It is $96.00.
I'm sure it's fabulously worth it but not in my budget.

I found this pillow cover on Etsy for about half the price of the one from Society Social.
I love this fabric.
Lee Jofa Willow Pillow Cover, Pink Blue Chinoiserie Pillow Square, Made to order Pillow Cover, Throw Pillow, Toss Pillow, Pagoda
PopOColor on Etsy
Robert Allen Neo Toile  Floral Pillow Cover Bird  Pillow Asian Pillow Pagoda Pillow Throw Pillow ONE COVER
TrendyNest on Etsy
 You know we are fans of Neo Toile around here.

And @wheatonwhaleydesigns has quite a few good pagoda pillow options.

I used this fabric (below) on a lampshade in my Black Library ORC!

But that first Pink Pagoda pillow had my heart.
So, I decided to try and make my own reasonable facsimile.

I had this pillow cover from IKEA.
And more of the Sherwin Williams Ruby Shade paint that I used for my IKEA curtains.
I explain the hand stamping method for the curtains here.

So, I just took a paintbrush and painted a pagoda on my pillow cover. 
And I stamped the same design as the curtains on the back. 
That makes it reversible!

It's not as refined and elegant as the Society Social version
 but I think it adds a lot to the pillow mix on the daybed.
I'm ready to paint a blue one now!
I just have to find a spot for it first.

It was quick and fun - try painting a pillow!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

From My iphone 5/2017

Some randomness from my phone.
It's a mixed bag for sure!

This one pan ( read 5 minute clean up) recipe is turning into a major favorite around here. I've made it for my parents when visiting and they are big fans too. The original came from Waiting On Martha but I have tweaked it slightly. 
I have switched WOM's green beans for the asparagus. 
The timing still works perfectly and we love it.
It's in the rotation!

I bought tickets to see India Hicks speak at a garden club fundraiser.
 I have been a fan since an article in a magazine decades ago. She's my hero - she ran away to  small island and lives in a big white house. What more do you need??
She was delightful.
Go see her if you have the chance.

I'm loving these two chinoiserie fabrics currently.
Where, oh where, can I use them?

(I've used this fabric before but in a different colorway. This colorway is growing on me!)

I posted pics on IG and on the blog of a blue version
of these hand stamped anthro knock off curtains. 
I printed the pink version for my One Room Challenge.
The details of how I went about it and what I used are here.
I will tell you that for the blue version I used old sheets, laid them out on a table and eye-balled the layout. You can read why time was a major factor.
For the pink version I was printing on IKEA panels and I laid them out and used painters tape and a t-square to create a registration process for the hand blocked layout. It didn't take much longer to do the measured registration if you feel the need for more definite order. However, when the two different treatments were hanging I couldn't really see where the more precise layout made any difference. So if you are pretty sure handed and can eye things then you may not feel the need to register the block printing.

Then I felt the need for a pink pagoda pillow. The example I found while making my Olio Board was $91.00. So you know what that means? I had to make my own! I used a white pillow cover I happened to have, some of  the gorgeous Sherwin Williams paint - Ruby Shade- I used for my block printed curtains, and a small flat brush and painted it freehand.
 I like it. 

I am currenty obsessed with the Watermelon Mint Lemonade at Chic Fil A.
It is sooooooo good!

Where have I been??
I just discovered @blueandwhitehome on IG. 
Great feed!
Look at this porch. I want to be there. Sipping Watermelon Mint Lemonade!!

I'm also loving this blog right now!
I fell in love with their room on the One Room Challenge that I just participated in and now I'm reading the blog like a book!
J and J Design group.
This room!!!!

And school is out here. 
So we are putting together a Summer Bucket List and getting ready for FUN!!

For us that means lots of porch time with friends. Grilling. Relaxing. Chatting!
BTW, Chloe is more excited than she looks!

Time on the Boules court...
And maybe an umbrella drink around 5 o'clock right here on the shady chaise!

Happy Summer!

PS. I love to see pics of fabulous backyards to hang out it.
Tag me on IG if you post your backyard hang out spots!

Friday, May 19, 2017

More Thrifty Decorating - The Reveal!

This apartment was decorated as part of a housing program with MUST MINISTRIES to help move veterans from homelessness into a transitional housing program.
There are more details in these previous posts but all of the furnishings were thrifted or free!

Here is the finished apartment.
See the "befores" here.

Looking in from the front door- 

Looking to the left from the front door- you walk right in to the Living Room.
 (Yes, I found that amazing wicker trunk at the Donation Center!

Remember that this apartment is pretty old (vintage itself!) and the goal was to make it welcoming for someone moving from homelessness to transitional housing.
It is a long and involved process that requires a great deal of work on the part of MUST Ministries and the fabulous staff there.
I have been lucky enough to help with this in a small way and it has been an eye opening experience in many ways.

(The curtains are two very nice tablecloths without a spot on them. I sewed a band of fabric  that I had in my stash along the bottom so that I could hang the curtain rod closer to the high ceiling.) 

Lucite nesting tables. Free. Happy dance.

Bold gallery wall to fill up the space and integrate the TV a bit since that is the only place it could be located ( remember: quirky older building!)
All contemporary art painted by me on big canvases and frames that had been donated and were not the look I wanted. 
Paint, marker, chalk, gallery wall. bam!

Front bedroom:
It's large and look at the light in these rooms. It's gorgeous!
What a cheerful apartment to move in to from a shelter!

And on the wall opposite the bed
My $4 chair that you may have seen on IG.
The little footstool came from the donation center. I recovered it with a scrap of fabric I had on hand.

(Look at that perfect marble lamp from the donation center!!)

Bedroom 2: 
Much smaller. But still bright and fresh. 

The Hallway:

The Bath:

(I googled "free wave pictures" and these popped up. I printed them at home and popped them in frames I found. They just "made" the little bath. I added some small blue and white dishes for soap, etc. but forgot to take a picture after I finished it up!)

And the biggest challenge- The Kitchen:

Looking in from the back door.

Looking in from the hallway:

And a little lamp to use for a night light.
This was a fun apartment to work on and I got an email a couple of days ago 
that it is now occupied.