Friday, June 23, 2017

National Pink Day!!

A whole day about the fabulous color pink!!?
That's the "pink of perfection."

Pink has been big in this house for 26 years!!
(It was big for me before that, especially during my years at UGA -
 back in my day pink IZODs ruled!)
But pink became huuuuge when Mollie arrived!
Our neighbor called her "the pink of perfection!"
He had 2 boys!

Lilly Pulitzer at home in Palm Beach
You can't talk about pink without thinking about  the iconic Lilly Pulitzer.
Plenty of Lilly in Mollie's closet.

We love blue and white - that's for sure 
but this pink transferware is a fun tabletop addition 
and perfect for the "pink and red" holidays!!

I went with pink accents in my last One Room Challenge!

I painted a Pagoda Pillow and hand stamped some IKEA curtains 
to mimic the fabrics I love at Les Indiennes.
I used Ruby Shade - a gorgeous pink from Sherwin Williams!

Couldn't resist the $5 outdoor fabric Flamingo pillow for my porch.
Flamingos because.. you know, pink.

I love all the pink Audubon birds. 

I love the pink inside of a seashell.
I carried large conch shells home from the Bahamas. 
I've been a shell collector my whole life.
I can't resist them.

I use pink at Christmas, too.

And pink is my first choice for Poinsettias! 

So think pink!!
Image result for sherwin williams pink paint colors 

Friday, June 16, 2017

I Love a Good Garden Center.

I love a good garden center.
To me that means it is charming and has paths, looks landscaped not like plants for sale on a bunch of big box store shelves and they don't care if I wander. 
I like atmosphere and ideas I can use.
You just know it when you come around the corner and spot one of these special places.

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting my parents 
and my mom directed me to the cutest garden center ever, Liberty Landscapes.

If you are anywhere near Bedford VA it is worth the trip. 
(The D-Day Memorial is in Bedford and it's amazing. 
Make the trip and see it, then go buy a plant. Or two.)

(See - not your average garden center!! It's gorgeous! #backyardgoals)

This place is like wandering around a really pretty backyard on a garden tour. 
Except it's big and fabulous.
It is housed in an old coal and ice warehouse and railroad yard 
right along the railroad tracks.

 I could just move in.

(original, real deal sliding doors!)

It's good from the old rusty truck out front that announces they are open 

(don't you want to find an old, rusty truck now?)

all the way through to their social media presence
They post a plant of the day every day on IG with an informative blurb.  

Gardening eye candy and you learn something too.

They are so nice.(Ask for Ashby - he's awesome!!)
 And obviously talented so be sure to go.
I tried to convince them to serve refreshments to me in the garden.

I wanted all.the.plants.
I did buy a plant even though I was traveling.
The displays are irresistible!!